Friday, June 30, 2017

Kimchi-Haven City Erects Voodoo Doll Memorial

Brookhaven, GA made a wrong decision and erected a Comfort Women Memorial in the Blackburn II Park of the city. I strongly believe that you Americans are arrogant, one-sided, inconsiderate and ignorant on this matter. I live in Yokohama where the US 8th Army comprised of 230,000 men landed after WWII. You can easily surmise what have happened after the landing, when a victorious army of so many men, at their peak of reproductive capability, occupied the war-torn city crippled by B29 air-raids. Local history records show that there were many cases of blatant intrusion into civilian houses in search of women, kidnappings of girls on streets, violent raids upon hospital dormitories for nurses, rapes on sick women on beds and all or any other crimes you can imagine in horror. Japanese men got so angry that they resorted to fist fights on streets. American generals such as R. Eichelberger and D. MacArthur were so shocked that they demanded the Japanese government to create RAA (Recreation and Amusement Association) houses, which were exactly the same as Comfort Stations. At the peak period, 50,000 Japanese prostitutes (called pan-pan girls) provided sex services for 500,000 U.S. military men. Jesus Christ said, “Let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone. (Gospel of John 8:7)” Americans are no clean. Koreans are no clean. I do not say that Japanese are entirely clean, but we have our own story to say to the holier than thou, arrogant and hypocritical people who try to look to be saints by defaming other races.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Korean new president Moon sent a special envoy to Japan in order to request renegotiation of the 2015 Comfort Women Agreement which defined that the issue was resolved finally and irreversibly. How do you re-negotiate the agreement which was resolved finally and irreversibly? There is no room for that and we are sick of the persistence of the Koreans on this matter.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The indictment of Ms. Park Yu-ha, a professor of Sejong University who wrote the book titled as The Comfort Women of the Empire, was shocking news. I read the book. I do not agree with all what she said in the book, but found nothing that should be called “defamation” by the former comfort women. Is S. Korea a Mediaeval Society where people are looking for heretics? It appears there is no academic freedom, no freedom of speech and press in South Korea. The trial is the Inquisition practiced by the Roman Catholic Church in the 15th century, or a witch trial to torture a heretic. How can Japan get along with such a country so primitive and brainwashed by anti-Japan fanatic cult religion? We should break apart from the three-party alliance no matter what the U. S. says to us.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

During the recent summit meeting between Prime Minister Abe and President Park which was held on November 2, President Park demanded Japanese Government to present “a proposal that will sufficiently regain the peace of mind of the former comfort women and satisfy the South Korean general public.” President Park has repeated this demand so often at various press conferences in Seoul, during her address to the UN general assembly, during her meeting with President Obama, and so on. According to the Sankei Newspaper, a reporter of the news company visited the home of a former comfort woman Lee Yong-soo in mid-October and asked what she wants for the Japanese Government to do in order to “solve the Comfort Women Issue.” She replied, “We want Prime Minister Abe to come to the Japanese Embassy in Seoul and beg forgiveness from us. Furthermore, we want all the succeeding prime ministers of Japan to do the same. Then we may forgive all the misery we experienced.” In other words, all primes ministers of Japan, once assumed the office, have to go to Seoul and kowtow to the former comfort women. Otherwise, no apology of any sort is satisfactory for these women and S. Korean people. The author assumes however that their real intent is to subjugate Japan to serve S. Korea forever by making Japan’s prime ministers kowtow to them. However absurd it may sound for any people who live in this 21st century, they mean it. What had over-inflated the ego of these former prostitutes to this extent? Maybe, holier-than-thou Americans who sided with them to build comfort women memorials in the United States had some share of pushing the issue to this absurdity. Whatever the reasons, therefore, NO compromise of any kind whatsoever is possible for Japan.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why South Korea is So Obsessed with Japan

THE NATIONAL INTEREST carried the article with the above title. I put the following comment on the article. ======== S. Korea is basically an ugly old bixch who was refused to marry and stalking on you. She constantly appears at your doorstep, street corner, railway station and office, cursing and belching bitter words and grudges of being refused to marry a log time ago. from Tokyo, Japan ========

Friday, June 5, 2015

19 Japan Bashers

History distortionists and life-long Japan-bashers like Alexis Dudden unreasonably cultivate hatred between Japan and Korea even after 70 years have passed since the end of the war in their malicious attempt to tarnish the reputation of the present-day Japanese. As the result, the investment of the Japanese companies in South Korea has sharply dropped, and the number of the Japanese tourists visiting S. Korea has also dropped sharply, making the country poor and poor every year.

Prof. Hata’s most recent remarks

Prof. Hata’s most recent remarks (as of May16, 2015) I am representing 19 Japanese historians who made the request of corrections to McGraw-Hill, and I have received NO answer yet. We sent to them the errata. It appears to me that they are going to ignore our request and keep errors as simple as 1+1=3 put on the textbook. I want to hear the opinions of conscientious American historians how they feel about it.